Don't Worry, It's Not Taper

I haven't gone temporarily quiet because of taper... I've gone quiet because it's the end of the school year and a million things are happening.  I will say with so much to do and reduced miles on the schedule, it's tempting to just skip a run and get stuff done... I mean, I'm supposed to be resting and recupperating for the marathon, right?  Well, I've invested too many hours and given up too many things to get to this point in my training.  I intend to run every mile of my taper as it is scheduled at the pace I am intended to run it.  Now is not the time to get lazy or mess with what works.  It's a little harder to fit things in, even with the reduced distances, but I'm determined to make it work. 

This week we've had some fun events... first you might wonder what this is:

That would be my husband's car parked on the back patio to protect the car from the hail as we waited out the tornados.  Fun times.  For the record, I am the complete opposite of a worry-wart and my kids were all snuggled in bed while must people were huddled in a bathroom or laundry room.  I kept my eye on things, but wasn't going to take cover until I thought there was an urgent need.  Fortunately, that never happened.  This kind of weather is pretty frequent in spring in Texas, so I don't get too alarmed.

Then there's this little cutie that occupies my days:

(Excuse the poor quality... my phone wasn't happy with the lighting situation.  ;-)  )  And that little princess started back to swim lessons this week.  She was hesitant at first until she got to try on her new swimsuit:

And just like last year, this little one is ready to be a mermaid.  She just turned 3 and amazes me in the pool...

You might recognize her instructor... one of my favorite run buddies for hitting the local races, Elaine.  Yeah, an awesome runner *and* a superstar swim teacher.

And the other major thing I'm dealing with is my middle child, Lily, has her last day of school today.  That means tonight is kindergarten graduation:

And it also means I've spent all week working on the memory board we were supposed to make for the graduation reception:

I think it turned out great, but I am *not* crafty, so this took me a huge load of time.  But Lily is happy and that's what matters.  I have some flowers to surprise her with tonight.

Tomorrow, my oldest has his end-of-year picnic... so we'll be at that event all day getting hot and sweaty.  His school isn't done, though, until next Wednesday... just before I hop on a plane to San Diego.  Woo-hoo!!!!!!!

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