Four for Saturday

1. In what is now being referred to as "The Great Blogger Outage of 2011", I lost most of my comments on my marathon countdown post.  I read them and know what most people said, but there were some inspiring words there that I wish were still there to refer back to.  Oh well.

2. Yesterday was way too much running... I got in my planned 11 miles in the morning with my good friend Robin.  I love running with her.  It was a strong and motivating run at the lake.  Walked a mile at the finish to aid in a speedy recovery.  Felt good most the day, but was slow to get nutrients back in my body.  In the early evening, I had agreed to help out my nephew who needed a 5k training run before his triathlon this Sunday.  I figured 3 miles, no big deal.  My nephew is super speedy, but he seemed to stay a hair behind me and let me lead the way, so I kept it at 10 min/mile... which for me is challenging, but not all out.  Loved that I got the chance to run with him!!!  Afterwards I engorged myself on a lovely cloud of carb-heaven.  I was stuffed.  As soon as I got the kiddos to bed, I got in bed to relax and maybe watch a flick... and then it started... cramps all up and down my legs and feet... would start  in one area then hit another.  Wow, it hurt bad.  It immediately popped in my head that I hadn't had any sports drink and I had covered 15.4 miles for the day and perhaps my electrolytes were out of whack.  I quickly downed 3 servings of gatorade... and surprise, surprise... the cramping went away.  Moral of the story:  a) Electrolytes *are* important.  b) Even if you feel fine post-run, don't forget to continue with appropriate hydration/nutrition.  I know better.  But it still sometimes slips the mind when you come home to other duties/responsibilities.  Today, I shall be taking it easy.

3. I'm up for Top 25 Health & Fitness Mom Blogs.  Please help me out by voting (once a day) between now and June 1st.  I would love to make the top 25.  I've seen these lists before and found many of my fellow bloggers from these lists, but never been on one myself.  Also, you can vote for multiple blogs each day... I think you'll see lots of your favorites on there.

4. I have some fun things up my sleeve for while I'm at the marathon... coming sooooooon... 3 weeks and counting!

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