Gimme a T!!!

Gimme a T-A-P-E-R!  Woo-hoo.  Two things I never ever in my wildest dreams I thought would go hand-in-hand - taper and 16-mile run - which I did today.  I'm no longer afraid of the double digits... in fact, often, I don't give it due respect in terms of preparation.  Today started my first week of taper (75% effort). 

But, of course, I ate as if I ran 22 today... or maybe as if I ran the whole marathon.  Who knows, but it was good.  I'm kind of obsessed with fish tacos lately... I need Jason to pretend not to be a vegetarian for a day, and teach me how to make a mean fish taco.  I'm not sure why a corn tortilla and fish with some coleslaw and a little sauce rings up so many calories at the restaurant. 

Anyhow, back to taper... last time I didn't get taper madness, and I'm hoping to avoid that this time too.  I actually enjoyed the lower mileage and the time to catch up on Mount Washmore and other things around the house that are about to grow legs and crawl off if I don't tend to them.  Pretty sure even my family might grow some spare legs and wander off if they don't get a little more TLC.

A few random things since the weekends tend to make me random:

Shout out to Shannon who as of right now is 7.5 miles from becoming an Ironman!   WOW!

Looking for a good cause?  Consider donating to Tonia and Katye for the NYC Marathon with Team Grassroots Soccer.

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