Last "Long" Run

Today was my last "long" run.  I had 11 miles on the schedule for the last weekend before the marathon.  I put "long" only in quotes because just a week ago, 11-milers were my mid-week runs.  Unfortunately, today was just one of those days... not exactly confidence-boosting or motivating...  (And you're getting the run-down in bullet format because I'm not feeling particularly creative.)
- I'm fairly certain I have a mild food poisoning.  Either that or a mild virus.  Things are not functioning properly, and I'm getting ridiculous stomachaches.  I'm sure this did wonders for my hydration as well.  My legs felt heavy the entire time.

- It was almost 80 degrees at 7am this morning and unbelievably humid, and oh, guess what came back for a visit - that Texas wind.  Gotta love fighting 30mph winds.  (And while it's off and on bearable depending on where you are on the lake, there's a spot at mile 7 where it almost stops you in your tracks.)

- At 9 miles, I felt awful.  My pace had slowed to a snail's pace (compared to my norm), and I seriously felt ill.  I decided that my legs didn't need the miles, so I would walk the last two.  Why mess with my body anymore.  I have the miles, and all this run was doing was stealing some of my hard-earned motivation.

- I walked 1 mile past my car and went to turn around.  As usual, I went to turn and look for cyclists first when one nearly clipped me.  I yelled in shock because he scared the crap out of me.  Now, admittedly, I was a little dizzy and may have veered a foot or so over while turning to look, but there was no traffic the other way, so I'm not sure why 1) he would pass and leave only a foot between us and 2) not have already shouted "on your left" if he was that close.  Seriously, he was insanely close to taking me out.

- Continued the mile back to my car, got in, guzzled a gatorade, and started to pull out very cautiously, as usual, since cyclists often cut through that parking lot.  A lady, on her cell phone, pushing a jogging stroller, just walked right in front of me.  No less than an inch from my bumper (I was already pulled forward out of my space).  The really bad part, she never even noticed... just kept walking with her stroller through a crowded parking lot with cyclists zipping by while talking on her phone.  Thank you lady for adding another heart-rate raising event to my day.

Fortunately for the rest of the day, I came home, got a shower, got to relax, and we even managed to go catch Kung Fu Panda 2 as a complete family of 5... an extremely rare event.  Everyone really enjoyed it!  A quick stop by Chipotle which relieved me of cooking duties made for a nice end to the night.

Tomorrow - church, then I shall enjoy my day of rest before a pool-filled Memorial Day. 

What do you have planned this holiday weekend???

PS  Have you voted lately?  I'm slipping and I really really want to stay in the top 25 Mom Health & Fitness blogs.  Please vote!!!  You can vote once a day until June 1, and you can vote for multiple blogs (I've been voting for all my favorites).  I've never made any sort of blog list... so this would be rockin'!