Random Revelations of Wednesday

1.  Everyone says that 1 lb is approximately 2 sec/mile.  Half Marathon PR in October at 168 lbs - 2:15:30.  Half Marathon PR in March at 156 lbs - 2:09:17.  A difference of 28 sec/mile.  Hmmmmm... I think that might be right on (I'll attribute the other 4 seconds to my just being in better shape!).

2.  Have you ever heard that if you have a weight loss plateau it might be because you're not eating enough?  And even if you shake your head yes, you still don't really believe it?  I hit another plateau at the 156 and I really wanted 10 more lbs to be done.  Guess what?  I added 300 calories a day to my diet to account for my current high mileage due to the fast approaching marathon and guess what?  Plateau broken.  Hmmmmm, maybe there's somethin' too that.  Must fuel!

3.  Remember *this post* about how hard running is and how I don't necessarily find "the zone" or feel "joyous" while running but cannot deny the feeling of accomplishment afterward?  Well, while still mostly true, I did find some of my running joy... finally.  I usually only run outside on the weekends for my long run.  So when I finally get outside, which I love, I am always struggling through a really difficult run for a long duration.  There are numerous circumstances that make it nearly impossible for me to run outside during the week... no, not even at 5am.  So I spend my weekday runs at the gym on the treadmill, where I love the company and conversation, but rarely enjoy the actual run... it's all about getting the miles in.  Well circumstances have had a very brief change for the past 2 weeks, that'll end next week... but I've been able to get outdoors for a shorter mid-week run... wow, I just feel good almost the whole time.  I actually understand the "I could just keep going forever" feeling.  It's been lovely, and I am going to miss it when it's gone.  But I'm still dedicated to getting in my miles any way I can... definitely looking forward to a few easy weekend runs once I get through this marathon.