Week 12 Marathon Training Plan

Week 11 Recap:

Alright, here we go with the recap that if *I* were my coach, I'd reprimand me.  There is a reason for recovery days... do not follow my example.

Monday - 3 - Completed - Plus the 1 hour bodyworks class.

Tuesday - 10 - Completed

Wednesday - 6 - Completed - And even got outdoors to the lake (something that is rare during the week) with my friend, Pat.  It was crazy windy, but we still had a really great, confidence boosting run.

Thursday - 11 - Postponed - I had a dentist appointment that I didn't want to reschedule, so I decided to just move this run to Friday since my race wasn't until Sunday.

Friday - Off - Did the 11 from Thursday!  And I have to say that my good friend, Emily, who spends hours upon hours next to me on weekdays on the treadmill has been sticking with me during my longer mid-week runs... she'll run a few miles, then walk awhile, then maybe run some more, just to keep me company while I run... yes, she's amazing.  Be jealous.  Well on this particular Friday, Emily decided to just go for it, and she stuck with me running for 9 of the miles.  Yes, she's done 2 half-marathons, but it's been awhile since she's had a good long run where she felt good throughout... it was a huge accomplishment, and I was thrilled for her... made my run that much easier.

Saturday - Off - Here's where the fail comes in... ya know, I just did 11 and I was pacing a race on Sunday, so Saturday should be a rest day... or at least a light recovery day.   (Can you feel the "but" coming???)  BUT... my sweet friend Robin finally returned from a month out of town (the lake has been lonely without her).  She wanted to get in 13-14 miles.  She asked if I'd go out there.  Now, give me credit, I didn't do the whole 13, but I did agree to one loop around the lake (9 miles).  And (second fail), I pushed my pace for a longer run and just really enjoyed it... probably should've taken it easy.  OK, I know I should have, but it was so nice to have her back.

Sunday - 13.1 Heels and Hills Half Marathon - 12.45 miles complete.  The course was cut short by local police due to impending severe weather.  Since I was pacing a group at 12:30 min/mile, I made it through ok, despite my 3-in-a-row days totalling over 32 miles... but I could feel the fatigue in my legs.  Wow... definitely fatigued.  It was an odd feeling considering I felt so strong cardiovascularly (which is usually what gives out on me first).

Week 12 Schedule:
Monday - Off - Officially changing the schedule for this day due to my little unintentional 3-day streak.  I will make myself rest!
Tuesday - 10
Wednesday - 7
Thursday - 11
Friday - Off
Saturday - 18 - White Rock Centennial Half Marathon + 5 (should be interesting!!!)