Week 13 Marathon Training Plan

Week 12 Recap:

Monday - Off - Completed

Tuesday - 10 - Completed 10.5 on the gym treadmill.  Did 7 of the miles at my half-marathon race pace of 10 min/mile.  It was comfortably hard (one of those terms that sounds ridiculous when you first hear it, but eventually your body tells you what it means).

Wednesday - 7 - Completed 6.8 at the lake.  Outside.  Again with my friend, Pat.  It was a lovely run.  No other word for it.  It felt comfortable.  The temperature was perfect, the breeze was great.  My body felt right on.

Thursday - 11 - Completed 11.5 at my usual easy 11 min/mile pace on the gym treadmill.

Friday - Off - Completed.

Saturday - 18 - Completed.  This was one of those runs that just boosts your confidence going into a marathon.  Up until now, all my 16+ mile runs have been miserable and ridiculously hard.  A new friend agreed to be a little crazy with me and the plan was to park 3.5 miles from my race, the Centennial half.  We ran the 3.5 miles plus the 13.1 mile race, plus the remaining 1.5 miles and kept a stellar pace... faster than my hoped for marathon pace that I was worried about.  If I could just repeat Saturday mentally and physically, this marathon will be conquered... details of this run coming soon in the Centennial Half race report.

Sunday - Off - Completed.

Week 13 Schedule:
Monday - 3
Tuesday - 10
Wednesday - 7
Thursday - Off
Friday - 11
Saturday - Off
Sunday - 20-22

Shifted Thursday and Saturday runs to Friday and Sunday so I can work around some other plans.  This should be more do-able.  My last 20+ run before San Diego.  Yee-haw!!!