Week 14 Marathon Training Plan

First, before I sneak into talking about my own training, can I just say that I am thrilled that not one, but *two* of my runners asked me to redo their schedule today because they wanted to set bigger goals.  Happy, happy coach.  I love it when the bug really catches, and both have plenty of time to safely achieve those goals, so I'm really excited for them!

Now down to the business of Monday... the training schedule recap...

Week 13 Recap:

Monday - 3 - Completed plus 1 hour of bodyworks class.

Tuesday - 10 - Completed.  And did 7 miles of it at half marathon race pace.

Wednesday - 7 - Completed 7.5.

Thursday - Off - Yes, please.  Spent it with 22 crazy kindergarteners.  Fun times!

Friday - 11 - Completed. - I talked about this run a little HERE in #2, but basically... I ran too much.  I went 11 at a pretty nice pace for me... and walked 1.  That part was fine.  But then I ran with my nephew that evening for 3.4 miles to practice the course for his 5k leg of his family triathlon.  Really enjoyed the time with the nephew, but my legs were not happy that I gave them 15.4 total miles on a mid-week run.

Saturday - Off - Oh yes... legs up most of the day and relaxing.  Thank you Saturday!

Sunday - 20-22 - Completed 22.15.  Felt fantastic, well except for... well, you'll have to wait for the recap... coming super soon.

Week 14 Schedule:
Monday - Off - Changed this from the normal 3 since I did my long run Sunday. 
Tuesday - 10
Wednesday - 7
Thursday - 12
Friday - Off
Saturday - 16 - Let the taper begin!!!
Sunday - Off

Three weeks left until the big day.  And for those of you that read my earlier post about being unsure on my race plan... I'm sure.  I'm completely decided... but I'm not telling!  We'll just have to see what happens on race day.

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