Week 16 Marathon Training Plan and Other Stuff!!!

It doesn't feel like Monday, since it's a holiday... but I guess it is... and thus I owe you a marathon training plan update.  But do you see the number in the title - 16?  Yes, I did a 16 week plan this time... which means, this is IT!  Wow, I'm here.  Time flies when you're having fun... ok, ok, time flies when you're busy working your rear off, literally.

Let's look at some numbers:
16 - weeks in my training schedule.
577 - number of miles run in this cycle.
58 - highest mileage week
9 - number of runs I missed - 4 due to vacation, 5 due to a sprained foot.
24 - number of double digit runs
16 - number of pounds I lost during this cycle.
20188 - Rock n Roll San Diego bib number!!!

(20188 - 2 for my 2nd marathon and 18+8 = 26 for number of miles I plan to run fast... also in the middle is 1+8 = 9, my lucky number.)

Now down to the business of Monday... the training schedule recap...

Week 15 Recap:
Monday - 3 - Completed.
Tuesday - 8 - Completed, 5 done at race pace.
Wednesday - 5 - Completed.
Thursday - 9 - Completed.
Friday - Off - Completed.
Saturday - 11 - Completed and recapped HERE
Sunday - Off - Completed.

Pretty uneventful week until Saturday's long run which turned into unfortunate misery.  I'm still confident about the marathon as long as I can figure out what in the world is wrong with my digestive system.  It's been 2 1/2 days of blech.

Week 16 Schedule:
Monday - 3
Tuesday - 5
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - 6
Friday - Off
Saturday - Off

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