A Race in Pictures

I realized that I never reviewed the Big D Marathon back on April 10th.  Yes, over 2 months ago!!! I ran the half to pace my friend, Emily.  I think maybe that's why I didn't review it.  It was hot, I had done the course before, and I was just focused on getting Emily to the finish (ok, and a PR... which she did by a minute, despite the nasty heat).  Being another local favorite race, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by lots of running buddies at the start, on the course, and at the finish... that can make a day totally worth it!  So here is Big D in photos...

Pre-race buddies... EW, Dana, Erik, Michelle, Elaine, Libby, Marcie, Me, Robin, and Emily
We had just started... there I am on the left (EW's try at an action shot!!!).
This was past mile 7, I think... the guy wiping his brow illustrates the feeling perfectly.  The temp had been 20 degrees lower the day before.

This is how Emily felt about the whole thing.  I'm still smiling! 

All done.  Thankful for an air conditioned building to hang out in afterwards...

Sporting our bling.
And then when I got home, I got the brilliant idea, despite the 88 degree weather and midday sun that I would run another 3 miles... yeah, I was dripping... my kids told me to take a shower... ok, kids, ok...

Oh and btw, Emily and I are sporting matching Running Chics tanks!  I *love* this shirt.  (They run large.  So if you order one, size down.)  And Andrea at Running Chics was awesome to rush them into the mail for me last minute so I could surprise Em.

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