Flashback Fotos...

Yes, I know I can't spell "fotos", but nothing catchy was coming up... so that's what ya get!  Anyhow, ye ol' computer got attacked when I uploaded all those triathlon photos yesterday.  I'm sure it was like breaking a mirror... the computer just couldn't handle processing something so awkward and goofy.  So I was D-O-N-E with the ol' computational device after getting those pics up and loaded onto the blog (before I happily deleted them all from my hard drive before it decided to explode due to accidentally clicking on the wrong one).  Anyhow, so I missed my fun task of scanning in some great flashback photos of my father on Father's Day...  Sadly, I had searched through every photo I own, and I only found 10 photos of my father and I together.  Somewhat due to the fact that my father is an amazing photographer, and therefore often the one behind the camera... a trait I inherited (oh no, not the awesome photographer part... just the "usually-the-one-behind-the-camera" bit... I'm actually a terrible photographer...).

So without further ado... here are the 10 flashback photos that I scanned in of me and my dad for your amusement (and trust me, some of them are amusing)...

(Oh come on, please tell me I wasn't the only one that forced my family to take one of these old-time photos at the mall kiosk???  My dad and brother humored me and even waited 30 minutes extra because I insisted on wearing *that* dress and it was a million sizes too big, so they had to pin it on me.)

Yes, indeed, our shirts say "Merry Texmas"... pretty sure we thought they were snazzy at the time.  Check out bro's hair... dude, that thing would cause major wind resistence on the bike these days.

This one was at Marine Corps OCS graduation.  Thinnest I ever was... right there... daddy was proud!

The day he gave me away (and refused to take me back... bwahahahahaha)...
I have zero photos of us together in the 9 years since my wedding...  I think we really are always behind the camera... one of us or the other... unless it's a huge group photo... but none of just us... must correct that.  All the recent pictures are of "grandpa"... no longer of "dad".  Hmmmmm... Those kids just take over, don't they???
Happy Father's Day (yes, one day late, because I want to be unique), Dad!
(Now let's correct the "lack of photo" issue...)