Fun Fuel!

My brother and I were having a fun conversation on Facebook.  I mentioned a soda, and someone commented that they were surprised I drank them.  My brother then commented that coke is offered at many endurance events at aid stations.  (Still, yes, I know I should cut them... but I drink no coffee, so it's my caffeine.)
But it led into a conversation about "fuel".  Stuff you didn't think would be considered endurance fuel.  I never thought that taking up running would renew my appreciation for PB&J and gummy bears, but it has.

In San Diego, I saw ice pops and twizzlers along the course...

One of my favorite bloggers, Skinnyrunner ran a marathon fueled on Swedish Fish alone.

We also mentioned cookies being popular along the course.  I've seen oreos.  So other than your typical GUs, shot bloks, and sports beans... what fun and interesting fuels have you seen and/or used during a run?