I Need a Tattoo...

I would like to dedicate this post to Jason... cause I went through this traumatic event for his appreciation. 

Yesterday morning, I went for an awesome 14 mile run at recovery pace (I never thought "recovery" and "14 miles" would be used in the same sentence).  It was a lot of fun sharing the miles with friends - including Libby, Robin W, and Shannon.  And we had some unexpected attendees - a couple of armadillos, a snake, and a few rabbits.

But then in the early evening hours, I made the crazy decision to take on something I had never done before.  Something that I'm certain, just days earlier, I had told Jason I would *never* do.  But I did it... I attempted a triathlon.  And for the record... my brother made me do it!  (OK, OK, I volunteered to make a complete and utter fool of myself.)

I went in with this much training:

I waited for the optimal race weather:

I took in completely inappropriate pre-race nutrition:

I put on the classiest tri-suit I could find and checked out the equipment and set up my transition area:

I sized up the competition:

My "I-wanna-go-to-Kona" nephew, Julian.

Little dude nephew, Connor.

My son, Patrick

Then I went for it... first, my most feared event... the swim... sharks attacking from all sides...

(Please note my brother's amusement at spraying water on me... and the fact that *I* am doing this at *his* children's party instead of *him*.) 

Ouch on the knees... but time to get out of this water!!!  (I was the only contestant not appropriate attired.)
Time to head to T1...
Kinda shocked my brother didn't turn the hose on me.

My brother has always encouraged me to take up cycling... there, I did it... on an 18" bike... mind you, I'm 5'11" and most of that is legs. 

Please notice the cheater in yellow... he is not on wheels.  Normally this would be a disadvantage during the "bike" portion... but in this case, trust me, it was an advantage.  And I need to work on my flexibility if I'm going to continue cycling in this manner.

As I headed into T2, my younger nephew was blocking the path.  My compassionate brother yelled "GET OUT OF THE WAY... she's a runner, not a biker, she'll run right over you."  Probably wise words... as I was headed right for him with very little control.  My T2 time was sweet... less than 3 seconds... And check out my choice of minimalist run shoes...
Now... please note my cheating nephew, who is easily 10 ft ahead of me after running the "bike" route, yells to me "Go ahead, try and beat me."  Now, if you've been reading here for awhile, you might know that I have run with my nephew before.  He's fast.  Faster than me... not by a ton, but most definitely faster... and uh, he has a head start.  So unfair... but I can't let him just whip me without even trying.  So I start to go for it...

Can you see our expressions?  Mine is of pain, his is of "Ha ha ha, watch this!!!"  Is that how it's going to be Julian... fine, I'll have to bring out the big weapons... that's right... the ginormous femurs... check out that stride!  Take *THAT* shorty!

But alas, I still couldn't catch him... looks like a tie, but pretty sure he beat me by a few inches... that stinker!  I can't ever seem to come out in front of him.

And I even scored some bling:

Although, I was disappointed there were no aid stations along the route... really, Chris???  ;-)

Fun times and friendly competition was had by all.  (For the record, this was a Summer Party for my Triathlete Nephews - age 4 and 9... *AND* these pictures are of my second attempt because the photos of the first attempt were blurry... I think someone did that on purpose... the things I sacrifice for this blog!!!)

I did it!  I'm a triathlete... do you think it's time for the tattoo???