Mid-year Check-in!

Well, we're halfway through the year which means it's time to check-in with the 2011 goals.  Since I haven't looked at them since I posted them, this should be interesting...

Cut processed sugar. - Epic fail.  I love sugar.
Reduce fast food to no more than once per week. - I think I've done this with a couple rare exceptions.
Lose 15 18 lbs. - I've lost about 13-16 lbs so far (depending on when I weigh myself)... I took a brief break post-marathon and let myself plateau... I'll be back on track for the rest very soon!

Complete RRCA Coaching Certification. - DONE!!!

Run at least 12 races. (Run for the Bling of It!!! Challenge) - Done! Hit 12 at RnR San Diego Marathon!
Run at least 2 races of each type (5k, 10k, 15k, Half, and Marathon). - So far I've done 1 of each distance except the Half, which I've done 7 of so far this year!  My second 10k is this Saturday.
Stay injury-free. - Done so far... minus the one week off for a sprained foot that was not caused by running.
Incorporate weekly speedwork. - Um, fail so far.  I have done some, but very inconsistent.  I've signed on Adam to help me stay on track with speedwork for the rest of the year.
Incorporate weekly cross-training and/or strengthening. - Fail... sure I've gone to Bodyworks class 10 out of 26 weeks... that hardly counts as consistent.  I'm starting on Insanity next week though with the help of Heather.
2011km (1250 miles) - Halfway through the year, and I'm at 801 miles.  I'm going for quality over quantity this year, and I'm happy to report those miles were in line with my plan and other goals and none were "junk" miles just to amp up my mileage number (something I felt like I did last year to hit 1000 for the first time).  Last year at this point, I was at 442 miles and hit 1083 for the year... so obviously I'm doing a bit more this year, and I'd say that is solely due to consistency.  I've been very very consistent with my training this year.  Go me!

Time Goals:
5k - sub-26 - My goal 5k got iced out.  So the only 5k I ran was pacing a friend for her first 5k.
10k - 1:00 - Done 1/8/11 59:35... but I think I have a little more in me.
15K - 1:30 - Not yet, 1:33:33 currently.
Half Marathon - 2:05 - A stretch still... current PR 2:09:17
Full Marathon - 4:30 - EEk... oops... hmmmm... current PR 4:47:54.

That's it for now... more great things to come in the next 6 months, I know it!

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