Real Life

Mommy FAIL:
In an effort to get some of the junk out of Lily's room (she saves EVERYTHING), I threw away a bunch of papers in her top drawer.  Today we were discussing Father's Day... and she said "I have a card for daddy that I've been saving in my top drawer."  You see where I'm going with this?  Yes, I had thrown it away.  Fortunately, it was still in the trash can, relatively unharmed (thankfully I had put it in my office trash instead of the kitchen trash).

Things Kids Say:
When Paige (age 3) decides to pitch a fit... it's a good one, and she goes all out. Her face is usually covered with tears and slobber... so she yells for a tissue or cloth or my clothes to wipe her face off.  Why?  Because "MOMMY, my face looks re-dink-u-lous!"  What???  Weird child.

Post-Marathon Depression:

All this build up... months of training... focusing on the prize... goals... controlled eating/fueling... and then, it happens.  You finish the marathon.  Plummet.  Goal accomplished, motivation gone.  And timed perfectly with the start of summer which is harder for me to run in anyhow - not just due to the weather, but due to the fact that I now have 3 kids to deal with... and the older ones won't go to the gym, like I used to do on weekdays with Paige.  I'll get my mojo back.  I have new goals on the horizon, but my body is not quite ready to participate full force yet either.

Vacation Bible School:
The kids have VBS this week from 6-9pm.  I work in the nursery which puts me there from 5:30-9:30pm.  Bonus - I don't have to cook dinner this week.  The flip side is that I'm not exactly eating healthy, and I don't have a lot of self-control when you put pizza in front of me.  I eat well at home by surrounding myself with good foods and few temptations.  This is also making for late nights (my kids are normally in bed by 8pm) which makes getting up and finding that lost motivation on the home treadmill in the morning hasn't happened.

The Summer Playlist:
I know this has been asked a million times on blogs, but I never pay attention because I don't listen to music while I run.  Well the hubs bought me a small MP3 player (nothing fancy... no iPod... just a Poloaroid 2GB player), and I want to put some songs on it to push me through my summer workouts on the home treadmill... which unfortunately, I find 10x worse than the gym treadmill where at least I can people watch and make up fake competitions with the other runners around me.  So, what should I have on my player?  And where do you download your music?  Yes, seriously... I have never downloaded a song off the internet... never logged into iTunes or anything else.  It's just never been an interest/need... I listen to the radio in the car, and enjoy silence or adult conversation on my runs.

Be Careful:

A few weeks ago, an old friend posted this photo on his facebook... with no other details, except that I had been worried for awhile due to various posts of well wishes on his wall.  I don't talk to this person a ton, but he was the first person to ever get me to run a race, over 11 years ago (which was followed with a lot more races that he drug me to, before my long child-bearing break).  I didn't care about miles or times back then, so it's been funny how I've come back to what I did so many years ago, but this time I care more... a lot more.  Anyhow... I do still check in with this person on occassion, and we update on each other's running progress since he was a major influence in my running/racing... he also cycles, obviously.  I *finally* got a response from him about what happened.  As I suspected, he was hit by a car on a training ride.  The accident happened on April 11th, I believe... and in mid-July, he will get to start walking again... that's 12 weeks off his feet (the first 10 days in ICU).  He's ready to get active again.  Please spare some prayers for his recovery.  (I have not used his name here for his privacy.)

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