Running Buddy Appreciation!

Amanda of 5 Miles Past Empty designated June 25th as Running Buddy Appreciation Day (to coincide with her return to the Pacific Northwest for the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon)!!!  As most of  you know, I am a buddy runner.  Running is so, so, so much better with buddies to share it with.  Whether they just carpool with you to the race, spend hours with you on the tread, run with you in races, or hit the lake with you on Saturdays.  Fortunate for me, I have a lot of amazing running buddies... but unfortunately, that makes me scared to death that I'm going to forget someone!

Elaine and I met at Big D Half Marathon in April 2010 (it seems like I've known her so much longer).  She is also a raceaholic!  She has shared rides with me a million times to the race start, and nothing makes me happier than to watch her cross the finish line.  I had a cryfest breakdown when she crossed the finish line at White Rock Marathon (our first) this past December.

Emily and I met when our kiddos ended up in the same kindergarten class this past August.  Since then, we have literally run hundreds of miles together on the treadmill, occassionally outdoors, and we've gotten to go to a few races together as well.  Emily puts up with me and my running jabber more than anyone else, and I love her for it!  She also completely surprised me at my New Years Day Half Marathon by showing up in the bitter cold to cheer me on (with very blingy signs).

No race buddy appreciation would be complete with mention of EW and his wife Dana. EW is present at almost every race I attend. He is always a smiling face at the start, and I have spent many race miles at his side. He made me laugh all the way through one hilly half marathon to the point that I didn't even notice the hills. Always great to see him and Dana at the local events.

Robin D has been an amazing run and race buddy.  We've run many many long runs together at the lake (despite the fact that she could lap me if she wanted to).  She has cheered me through the finish at several races, given me rides to the start line, and given the ultimate sacrifice TWICE to pace me... for my first marathon and then for my half marathon PR attempt (where she pulled me through a shocking 6 minute PR).

Sherry is my race twin.  OK, so not twin, since she's petite and I am, well, not.  We actually met through this blog, and finally met in person in September of last year.  We ran together for her first half marathon (it was my 5th).  Our paces were perfect for one another!  Racing match made in heaven.  We've now run 4 half marathons together plus she was my travel buddy for my recent trip to San Diego for the marathon. 

I also want to thank Robin W and Libby who I have started to share more miles with the last few weeks, and hope that continues.  Also thank you to Ashley who has let me bend her ear during many hours on the gym treadmill, and faithfully checks on me after big races.  And to new running buddies who I hope to run with more - Mary, Holly, Denya, and Heather.  And, ahem, to a running buddy who frankly better get that hip healed because I'm tired of her sitting on the sidelines - Jenn.  And of course my little "dangling carrot" 5k pacer, my nephew Julian

And tomorrow, I get to run with Amie, who ran many many miles with me when I was training for my first half marathon back in 2009.  Not long after she got injured... and then right about when she healed up, she got pregnant.  It'll be the first time we've run together in about a year.  Excited!

Lastly, I added new run buddy today - my son, Patrick, who is starting training for his first 5k.  Patrick got in his first mile since February today.  And he plans on running the next 2 days with me after I get home from my run as well.  Woo-hoo!