Ruu-Muu Review and a Coupon!

In October of last year I reviewed the Nuu-Muu.  I absolutely love this running dress because you can wear your own sports bra and whatever shorts or capris or whatever underneath it.  It's super comfy, super soft fabric, and just really cute.  I get tons of compliments when I wear my Nuu-Muu

Buuuuuut... to quote from my review back in October... "If I had one thing I would change, I might suggest adding a small pocket or two (probably in the center of the back) where you could put a GU packet or two."  Well, wouldn't you know it, I immediately got an e-mail from Enid of Nuu-Muu telling me they already had plans in the works for a "Ruu-Muu" which would have - you guessed it - two pockets on the back center.  Exactly what I said was missing.  

Well not too long ago, the Ruu-Muu was finally revealed, and I had the pleasure of trying one out from the first batch.  Once again, I was in love with the softness of the fabric and the option to wear whatever I wanted underneath.  In this case, I went for the sports bra and compression shorts (note that you could even use this in the winter to put over some tights and a long sleeve shirt). 
I tried to take a good photo of the pocket in the back, but it's hard to see with the pattern.  There are two pockets and they are pretty sizeable.  I easily fit 4 GUs in each pocket (yeah, I doubt you'd really want to run with 8 GUs on your back, but you never know).  There is also a flap at the top of the pocket to keep things from flying out, yet making it relatively quick and easy to fetch some fuel from your back without trying to mess with some sort of zipper.
And I know I mentioned this last time I reviewed them, but I love their sizing... they come in (S)assy, (M)arvelous, (L)ovely, and (XL)ent.  
I have never worn a Nuu-Muu and not gotten a compliment or had someone ask where I got it.  They really are uber-cute, super comfy, and perfect for all seasons.  It's a great way to get the skirt/dress look, but still be able to wear your shorts or capris or even full-length tights underneath.
Unfortunately for me, it's time for me to size down.  Shucks... so I'm going to have to start anew on my Nuu-Muu collection.  But lucky for me and for all my readers, Nuu-Muu has generously offered us $10 off a Nuu-Muu (or Ruu-Muu).  Use code RacingItOff10 .   Woo-hoo.  So go treat yourself to one to perk up your summer runs!
Note:  The Ruu-Muu was provided to me to review.  I did not receive any further compensation and was not obligated to provide a positive review... my love for the Nuu-Muu brand is all my own!