SYTO 5k Recap

This weekend was the Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual 5k, hosted by Adam of The Exciting Boring Runner.

I'm going to do this "race" recap by the numbers... since I didn't really run it as just a 5k.

0345 - Hour I woke up to get dressed and drive to run #1 with friends

7 - The number of friends that were there - Libby, Robin W, Shannon, Fiona, Marcie, Dana, and Amanda.

10 billion - The number of hills in that run.

12.65 - Number of miles I ran.

80 - Degrees at the start of the run.

900% - The humidity.

0830 - Time I arrived at run #2.

2 - Number of people I ran with for this run - Heather and her dad.

0 - The number of times I have been on a trail before.

1 - How many people dropped their pants to go potty.  Hint:  It wasn't me.

2 - Snakes we encountered...

6.01 - Miles spent on the trail.

3 - Times I tripped (but never went all the way down).

1 - Large 3 ft dead bird dangling over the creek (I think tangled in fishing wire).

85 - The temperature at the end of the run.

7 - The number of water bottles I emptied.

2 - Number of shirts I sweat through.

18.66 - Total miles for Saturday's running.

6 - Number of 5ks I completed.

In summary - I sweat... A LOT... I drank 7 full water bottles and still weighed 2 lbs less when I got home... but I don't know if my thorns came off... because when I got home... I noticed my shoelaces were stuck together with, well "thorns"...  and on my socks... more "thorns".  (And FYI, no, I don't have really hairy legs... that's dirt... a lot of it... the trail wasn't that bad, not sure how I got quite that dirty... my socks were nasty.)
On a side note, though, I never thought I would spend a day running 18.66 miles "just because".  I only had a loose "9" written on my schedule.  I paid for it, though, by being utterly exhausted the rest of the day Saturday.  My legs, however, feel perfectly fine.  Wasn't sore at all.