Turn it ON, Turn it OFF

I thrive on a training plan.  I usually write out my plan for the entire year (including daily mileage) sometime in December.  I admittedly make some adjustments throughout the year, but I stay pretty on path.  When I have miles on the plan, I'm pretty good about sticking to them.  Without a plan, I tend to flounder.  I tend to lose motivation.  Excuses are easier to come by. 

Regardless, I decided to turn the training plan OFF for a few weeks after San Diego - for both the mental and physical break.  Being the planner I am, I still have miles written down as a "wish" plan, but I'm not holding myself to it.  My AC went out Monday, so I didn't run.  Tuesday... well, it just didn't happen then either.  I know I'll run Thursday because I'm meeting up with a friend, but I really wanted some miles today...  I wanted that feeling... that "accomplished" feeling.  I didn't have a lot of time, so I bought my confidence back by pushing myself on the treadmill... I only did 3 miles, but I pushed away from my normal 11 min/mile training run and went for 9:50 min/mile.  Sure, I can run that fast in a race, no problem... but I have a lot of trouble keeping that pace in training, especially at home and on the treadmill, where I always feel a little heavier.  Now I'm ready to attack tomorrow when I hit the pavement with Robin W. 

I'm excited that although I'm allowing myself to stay "off plan" for the next 4 weeks, that I've made plans to run with friends at least twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) before the rooster crows.  It will surely keep me moving.  I'm a social runner, so I rarely turn down the opportunity to run with friends... so this time I went begging to find the friend support I need to get through the summer (which is always a tough time for me because my "normal" workout routine no longer works)... and I found it.  Yeah!!!  So yeah, even when I don't have a plan, I still have a plan.  Sad, I know... it's the engineer in me.