A New Treadmill and other Randomness

I know, I know... I just got a new treadmill, right?  Well, apparently my son, Patrick (age 8) thought I needed another.

He's made me a ton of lego creations... many way more complex than this little thing... but this has got to be my favorite of all time.  I know you can't see it in the photo, but the treadmill even has the inner handlebars exactly like my Sole F85.  That's true love right there, folks!
(He even made a second version with a long blonde ponytail for the famous EMZ... go read her post now.)
Now onto my random tidbits for Friday...
1.  I picked up my race bib and swag for Too Hot to Handle (15k).  It's going to be hot hot hot for this 15k on Sunday, but I'm hoping to make it a bloggy party and meet up with fellow bloggers, The Bitchy Runners, and chug through these 9.3 miles.  I am *not* racing... just finishing.  Want me to repeat that again?  Yeah, I know... but seriously... I am going to have self-control this time and not try to kill myself with high heat running.  (Love that this race give a sleeveless shirt *and* a hat! Bib #196)
2.  While at Run-on, I always feel a magnetic pull to check the clearance rack.  Could. Not. Resist.  You never know what might be there... wanna be jealous of my score???
This pair of Nike Tempo shorts was on clearance for $21 and this pinkilicious mums RunningSkirt was on clearance for $32.  I know what you're thinking... yeah, that's a discount, but not a "steal".  But wait!!!  I had a Groupon for Run-On.  They sold Groupons awhile back $25 for $50 of merchandise.  So basically, for $28 ($25 originally paid for the Groupon plus $3 for the amount over $50 of the items), I got a pair of Nike Tempos *and* a Running Skirt.  $28 total.  Yeah, that's right.  Be jealous.  Awesome score.  I was pretty excited.  Sherry would be pleased with my mad skills combining coupon and clearance.  (P.S.  They had more of these RunningSkirts still on the clearance rack!)
3.  I have finally crossed over for the first time to running with music.  Only at home on my treadmill for the lonely summer weekday miles, but it was PERFECT for my speedwork.  Movie took too much focus away from my running, and silence, well, I didn't want to hear myself hyperventilating through intervals.  But songs are funny, and you pick out silly lyrics... (Btw, I'm glad I used recommendations to fill my MP3 player because these are not necessarily in my normal listening, but they worked out great.)
  • Lose Yourself (Eminem) came on for the first interval.  Surprisingly, it was the perfect song for it.  Really pumped me up.
  • I had some 80s flashbacks by adding a little C+C Music Factory into my mix.  I always paid attention to the lyrics "everybody dance now", and never realized how much they say the word "sweat" in that song.  But it seemed just right for the moment.
  • Interval 5, which is when I thought I was going to die (recap HERE)... the song "I Hate Myself for Loving You" (Joan Jett)... all of a sudden it seemed a little too appropriate.  You = Running
  • Last interval - "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5.  Not really the right tempo for the interval, but again ridiculously appropriate song title.  Total coincidence the timing of some of these songs since I had it on random.
Looking forward to adding a few new songs and using music for my speedwork sessions.
That's enough randomness for Friday, don't ya think???  Have a great weekend of running!!!