Don't Click that Link!

So, I'm doing a little research on nutrition, and I see this:

Cool, the Tetons... my husband's favorite place in the world.  Let's click.

You might not be able to see the details... but let's just say I pointed out the 50-miler... the fact that there is 4,975 ft of elevation PER 25 mile loop, and that the course includes steep climbs and loose rocks.

OK, time to face reality:

1.  I have never run a trail race.  I've only even run on a trail at all once, and it was flat, and I only went 6 miles, and I tripped 3 times in that 6 miles.

2.  I hate hills.  I hate them.  I'm not good at them, they are not my friend.  I was destined to live in a city of flat races.  Pretty sure that 4975 ft of elevation per 25 mile loop with steep climbs qualifies as "hills".  A lot of hills.  A lot of BIG hills.

3.  I'm a zombie after 26.2 miles.  This is double that on ridiculous terrain at high elevation with lots of steep hills.

And look at these folks at the start:

These dudes look serious.  They know what they are doing.  Can we say "sore thumb"?  Yeah, that's what I would be.

Sure, the course looks pretty...

But pretty sure by mile 10, I'd be hoping to be eaten by a caribou...

Does he look hungry?  I'm pretty sure it'd be clear that I was easy prey.

See this guy?

He was only 26 years old when he started.

I'm fairly certain the *only* welcome sight on the course would be this one:

The finish line.

So why o' why did I click that link?  And why is something that seems so incredibly unfathomable and impossible seem so oddly attractive?  So who's in with me?  Labor Day weekend 2013?  Plenty of time to prepare, right????????  2 years!  Yes, insanity has struck.