Summer Funk!

Time to get real.  I am in a major summer funk.  Clearly - I just wrote that and then sat here for 5 minutes questioning how to dive into this topic... so let's go with the old-fashioned list...

1.  My husband has been out of town for 3 weeks straight.  This is not that abnormal, unfortunately, but when the kids aren't in school it means I have zero flexibility to even go to the gym for a change of scenery... I managed to convince my dad to watch the wee ones at 6am last Saturday so I could get outside, but this weekend's long run will be on the treadmill.  My capability on the home treadmill is going steadily downhill.  I'm still doing the miles but the quality is not up to my normal standards.  My confidence is starting to take a plummet.  No bueno.

2.  My kids - all three of them, are going nuts.  Too hot to play outside, too expensive to go to most indoor places.  We're home... a lot.  And not to mention when I do run, 90% of the time, someone hit someone or the baby needs to go potty or someone wants a snack or... who knows... but it throws everything off.  We did go blueberry picking yesterday... and despite it being outrageously hot during the 3 hours of picking and the littlest one thinking it was fun to run away in the maze of bushes... we actually had a really nice time...

3.  It's hot... in case you missed it, it's been in the triple digits for the last 21 days straight.    'Nuff said.

4.  My unread blog posts is over 200 (I feel overwhelmed if it gets over 50), got bills stacking up that I need to take care of, products I need to review, school supplies I need to buy, uniforms I need to prepare for the school swap shop, clothes I need to mend... when the pile of "to-do" gets high, I get overwhelmed and nothing seems to get done.  Did I mention that Sunday is my son's 9th birthday, and I didn't even order a cake yet?

So basically, nothing else that a billion other people aren't dealing with, but I feel like whining about it tonight.  Yes, the one who is typically focused on motivating others is not feeling very motivated.  Not a very positive blog post... but it's the reality... all of us have moments of struggle... no matter how insignificant we might think they are.  What's your latest struggle with motivation?

(I just realized how silly it is that this post follows after a post about my desire to run a 50-miler!)