The Drought was Short... and Great Links!

(If you don't want my boring overview of the past week... just scroll past, but do not miss the links at the bottom!!!)

Yes, my ho-hum bad attitude of last week is already a thing of the past.  Yeah, I don't stew in negativity long.  Last week I delayed my Tuesday speedwork until Thursday (and just ran straight miles on Tuesday).  By time Thursday hit, I felt horrible.  My intestines felt like they had gone to the school of SUAR.  So I just stopped only a mile in and said I'd do it Friday.  Although Friday, my legs weren't functioning either, and I just couldn't hold pace and keep form simultaneously... so I had to slow the paces a tad, but I still got in some form of speedwork.  By the weekend, I had decided that I just needed a mental break and that squeezing in a long run with my son's birthday festivities was not going to happen, so I didn't even try.  (Side note:  I always say the long run is *the* most important run of the week, but since I'm not building mileage to any level above where I already am quite yet, I felt the mental break was more important.)

Despite lack of sleep, I woke up Monday on the right side of the bed... I hit the treadmill and bounced out my normal Monday 3 and felt great.  On Tuesday, I had some deadly 800s on the schedule, and I killed them and got in my 8 miles.  I skipped Wednesday, but not for lack of motivation... it was because I knew I was likely in for a double today.  Today was a special day, after 3 weeks of just a treadmill, my husband is home.  Since I don't know how long for, I plan to jump at every opportunity to run with buddies.  This morning I got in 6 miles (at 4am, seriously still yawning from that one) with my friends Amanda and Robin.  They are speedier than me and with the heat and humidity, I struggled to keep the 10:15 min/mile average pace, but I did.  And in a couple hours, I'm headed out with Amanda and Robin again to meet the NTX Runners for their hill workout (which this week is just a 6.2 mile loop on very hilly terrain - a rarity in this area).  I hate hills, I already did speedwork this week, but I need the outdoor run and the time with friends.  Me, buddies, the road... no kids interrupting me on the treadmill.  Definitely looking forward to it.

My mojo is back... now I just have to keep it going until August 22nd (the first day of school)!!!

Nowwwwww... for your viewing pleasure, here are some important links that I think you should click, click, click!!!!!!!

- First, the awesome Allison is taking on a 12 hour bike ride (inspired by EMZ) to fundraise to fight brain tumors.  Go HERE and follow the blog!!!  And don't forget to donate as well.

- Want to be one of the first to find out about an awesome new event???  You will want to know about this one... especially for you, Texans... but you never know, it might be worth flying in for.  Go like this facebook page - HERE.  Details are being revealed.  I'll be there for sure.  I'm ready to end the year AND start the next year off RIGHT!!!

- Lastly, I know a lot of us are caffeine crazy - whether it be coffee or Diet Coke or whatever... RunnerDude, who never ceases to post great information, posted this great look at caffeine and running

Go.  Click.  Now.