Too Hot to Handle Recap

On Sunday, I had the Too Hot to Handle 15k.  I told everyone that I was *not* racing.  No one believed me, but guess what - I didn't race!  I was a very good girl. 

The morning started bright and early... I headed out with Robin D and Elaine.  And the second we got there, EW found us... which means that it was definitely time for a photo!!!

Can I just side note and say that I love my iFitness belt, but it *always* gives me a mini-muffin top. 

I had made plans to meet up with The Bitchy Runners.  I knew that Angie and Randee were up for a nice easy run, so I was excited to tag-along and hope to keep a nice easy 11-11:30 pace for the whole 9.3 miles. 
Randee, Talia, Brittney, Angie, and Me
They were waiting for the porta-potty when the gun went off, but thrilled for chip timing!  So we just walked over and pushed our way into the pack and went out nice and easy.
I ran ahead so I could get a photo of my runnin' buddies for the day.  I should mention that other than the fact that we follow each other's blogs, and we said hi for about 10 seconds at Rock n Roll Dallas, I really haven't spent any time with these ladies... perfect for my chatty chatty running style.  I had a great time running with these ladies, and we kept it nice and easy as planned... 11-11:30. 
Yes, it was really hot outside - around 90 degrees.  And this year I was running with my handheld and taking the (extremely weak) PowerAde at all the aid stations.  There were also several sprinklers along the course which was nice.
Around mile 6 Randee pulled back and put on the headphones.  Angie and I continued on until just before mile 8.  Her knee was bothering her, and I was ready to get out of the heat and finish up, so I picked up the pace.  Mile 8, I ran at 9:48 min/mile.  Fast mile for me, but really, I felt fine.  I was in good spirits and comfortable the entire run.  Soooooooo... I decided for the last little bit, if I could hold 8:45 on the tread for speedwork last week, then I could pull it out at the end of the race, so I did.  8:41 min/mile pace for the last 0.44 (per the Garmin).  Nice.  I wasn't tired or winded (I just needed the potty ASAP). 
Finish time was 1:44.  Slower than I'm capable of, but it was hot and I was taking it easy.  However, it was 10 minutes faster than last year's Too Hot to Handle... same temperature as last year, and last year, I was actually trying really hard to go fast.  What a difference a year makes!
I rehydrated, found Robin D (who I'm sure had been done for a year), cheered Elaine across the finish, posed for one last sassy picture... then called it a day!
I had to rush home, take a quick shower, and then meet the fam at church so I could say good-bye to my sweet boy headed off for a week of church camp...