What Yesterday Meant...

I like 9s the way EMZ likes 4s.  It's my number.  My son has attached himself as much as possible to this number because he knows I like it.  Weird, I know.  But it makes me smile that he tries to be #9 in everything.  See... like back when he played soccer...

His number was 9.  (Even though you can't see it since their numbers were only on the back.)  And when he entered a car into the Grand Prix...

He asked to be #9.

Yesterday was a very special day for me... July 24th.  My first child, Patrick, turned 9.  For 9 years I've been a mommy.  For 9 years my gray hair has been mulitplying at insane rates.  For 9 years my patience has been tested.

First I became a mommy:

Then the little ball of smiles with his 6 ankles and 3 chins turned 1...

He stayed just as sweet when he turned 2:

Oh. My. Goodness.  How did *that* photo get in there?  Wow... just wow.  Clearly by time he was 2, I was still convinced children were sweet, and had started on my 2nd adventure (what was I thinking?).  Yeah, go ahead, lay it all out there peeps... I am well aware that my timer had already popped in that photo.

Then the little guy turned 3:

And he actually started to talk (he was a late talker).  If I had only known that once he started, it would never ever stop, not even for a brief moment, I wouldn't have ever spent hours trying to get him to speak.  We knew he was a brainiac cause he was throwing together really complex puzzles starting at age 2, but he was a silent genius.  If only...

And then he started to grow up and become a good big brother at age 4:

I'm pretty sure we had already figured out by this point that when your parents say "I hope you have a kid *just like you* someday", that God had decided to grant that wish to Peter.  This kiddo is just like daddy.  Lots of attitude and questioning everything.  Fortunately he got his stellar memory and brilliant smarts from his mom (ok, maybe sooome from his dad, but just a little).

Age 5 and ready to attack kindergarten with all sorts of attitude and smarts:

The constant challenges from this child would only continue.  Every meal is non-stop questions.  And I'm not talking about "how was your day?".  Patrick thinks a mealtime has to consist of "Why don't you hear thunder and see lightening at the same time?"  And if you think you're gonna get away with a simple explanation, you won't... you have to explain the details of the speed of light versus the speed of sound, and then how that multiplies depending on the distance you are from the storm, and then I guarantee no less than 20 follow-up questions on exactly how lightening forms and why and if you can predict where it will hit and what can happen if it does.  Yeah, that's my life everyday.

At age 6:

Then age 7:

Age 8:
And finally, age 9:
On Friday, Peter's parents came over for a special lunch and celebration.  On Saturday, I surprised him with Medieval Times tickets with best friends (and hit a car in the parking lot, but we won't talk about that part).  On Sunday, his actual birthday, after church we had his lunch of choice - hot dogs, chips, and grapes.  Then his cousins came over and played away most of the afternoon and shared in a yummylicious cake.  And for dinner, again his request - steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Yes, please.  He *is* my child.  Challenging - yes... but perhaps he's genetically predisposed to being challenging... he gets it from both sides.  Love you, Patrick!  Have a wonderful 9th year!