What You Wanted to Know - Part 1

On a recent post, I asked readers to leave me a question they wanted me to answer... I got tons of good questions, so this is going to probably take me 2 or 3 posts to get through!

~K~ asked "How do you handle running injuries?" -- Other than some minor shin splints when I first started increasing my mileage, I have been pretty much injury-free.  Yes, I get the occassional aches and pains that require a little post-run ice, but no real issues.  However, I got a non-running injury - a sprained foot awhile back and started seeing a Sports Chiropractor who is certified in ART (Active Release Techniques).  Ever since I met Dr. Magic Hands, I have become a big believer in ART for both injury prevention and improved recovery from injury.  (You can find out about ART and find providers HERE, unless you're near Dallas, in which case you need to talk to me so I can send you to *The* Dr. Magic Hands.)

{lifeasa}RunningMom asked "What are your favorite power songs?" -- Well, actually, I rarely run with music... but I just started last week with my speedwork.  I'm really liking "8 Mile" by Eminem and "All Fired Up" by Pat Benetar.

A Journey to a New Me asked "How do you keep yourself motivated?" -- Generally - my running buddies and the blog.  Accountability is key to consistency.  I do my best to meet people and arrange to run with people as much as possible.  You're going to show up (and on time) if someone is there waiting for you.  I also often post my training schedule on my blog, and I hate to post "fail".  Blech.  No thanks.  So I'm probably going to get it done.  A coach is a great means of accountability as well.  Anyhow... between that and the fact that I am constantly signing up for races which means I'm always in training for the next big thing!  When I have race dates on the calendar, I know I have to put in the miles to get results.  Lastly, running is a stress reliever for me... *it* often gets my attitude adjusted and gets me motivated to do other things!

Helen asked me "What does your hubby think of all your running? When you started, did he ever think you'd become, dare I say, obsessed like this?"  --  Very funny, Helen.  Me?  Obsessed?  My husband is happy that I am active.  I used to be active, then got very sedentary after having kids. He's happy when I'm happy.  And he's glad I'm staying healthy.  Did he think I'd become obsessed???  Well, he definitely knows that I don't do things halfway.  When I become passionate about something, I want to know more and more and really get involved.  He tries his best to support my events and long runs by taking care of the kiddos, but I also try to work around and support his tennis schedule as much as possible.

Marlene asked "How and when did  you start running?" -- I'll give you the short story... I actually started running in college.  But I couldn't tell you how fast or how far.  I just got up and ran.  And I went to the gym and ran.  Me + Studying = Major Overeating.  Running was my counterbalance to that.  But I didn't run consistently.  After graduating and going to work in 1997, I worked with a few runners who pulled me into their web and got me to sign up for races.  I did a few 5ks and even a 10k.  But still, not a clue how fast or how far on any of my normal runs.  I ran White Rock Marathon as part of a relay back in 1999 - my leg was about 5 miles.  Not long after that, I fell off the running wagon, got busy with other things (but I was still active)... up until 2002 when I had baby 1... then I became very inactive.  It wasn't until 2008, after my 3rd and final baby, that I got into the groove of things again and in early 2009 I set my sites on a half marathon - White Rock.  So 10 years after I ran White Rock as a relay, I finally ran it as a half marathon.  And from that point on... the rest is history... now I've done 2 marathons and 15 half-marathons.  (I did *not* mean to turn that into my life's story... I'm longwinded tonight.)

Run with Jess asked "What's your favorite color running top?" -- Terribly boring answer, but it just so happens to be pink - my power color!  (And yes, I used to hate pink... really hate... I think having daughters made me love it, because *they* get so excited when I wear pink.)

Shelley asked me "What is your ultimate racing goal?" -- My goal is to be as cool as you.  Seriously.  That would make me happy.  ;-)  The truth is, I'm not sure I have an "ultimate" goal.  I'm kind of taking it a year at a time at this point.  I just want to continue to travel to new race destinations.  Would love to eventually conquer a marathon in each states (and a few other countries as well).  But right now, I'd like to start expanding into new areas of running... trails, ultras, relays, adventure... I don't necessarily see myself straying from my favorite road-racing half-marathon, but I'd like to branch out and get some experience and just change things up by doing things that are new challenges.

Kristi asked "Wanna meet up at Heels & Hills & Him?" -- Um, YES.  Most definitely.  I absolutely love meeting new bloggers/runners... plus, major bonus, I'm fairly certain we're pretty close in pace since we finished Rock 'n Roll Dallas only 27 seconds apart.  I never turn down the chance to blab someone else's ear off while running... just ask Sherry... we met last year at Heels & Hills & Him after she asked me the exact same question in the comments on my blog.  And now, she's one of my favorite race buddies and we flew across the country for the RnR San Diego Marathon together.  So just be warned... I might try to drag you across the country for another race.  I tend to be a bad influence that way.

Shew... I think I'm all questioned out for the evening... more soon... PLUS I have a race recap from this past Sunday.