What You Wanted to Know - Part 2

Part 1 is HERE.  These are all from a recent giveaway where I asked people to leave me a question.  So here's installment #2.  Fear not, I think there might be a part 3 and 4 coming too.

EricaH asked me to post one of my favorite summer recipes.  --  Honestly, in the summer, I'm pretty simple... meat on the grill, some veggies in the pan with just a sprinkle of grapeseed oil, and some potatoes or pasta.  Buuuuuut, one thing I really like (and you're all going to think I'm crazy, but it's so good) is a mix of onions, green beans, and cherry tomatoes with raspberry vinagrette.  I put the tiniest dribble of oil in a pan, drop in some very thinly sliced onions, then tons of fresh green beans, then add some raspberry vinagrette (not too much) and halved cherry tomatoes.  It should just barely be cooked... BARELY.  I like them all crisp and fresh (you can even serve this cold).  And yes, if you see, I added some leftover steak to it in the photo to the right, but it doesn't need it.  I'm just a meat-freak.

Jill Will Run asked my favorite race apparel.  -- Um, Nike shirt, Skirtsports skirt, CEP compression socks, Brooks Ghost shoes, and a TMB Endurance Band
H Love asked "Where do you get your training plans?" -- I write my own plans... other than my first half marathon - where I used a Hal Higdon plan.  Obviously, after being certified as an RRCA coach in January, I got a bit more confident with writing my own plans... but I love writing my own because I can plan around my insane race schedule (which is how I like my race schedule!).  I did recently hire Adam to help assign my speedwork, because I have a tendency to under-challenge myself in that department.
Lisa asked "What is your favorite cross-training?" -- Oh, dear... well, uh... yeah.  I kind of stink at cross-training.  I did recently purchase Insanity in hopes of doing some plyometrics as my cross training, and even it has sat here unopened on my floor.  Yeah, I know I should cross-train.  Boo!
Tracy asked me "Living in Texas, do you have a strong southern accent?" -- No, no I don't.  Even though my family is originally from Texas, I grew up in Virginia.  I was there starting around age 4.  I didn't move back to Texas until right after college.
Erica asked me "Why should someone start blogging?" -- Love this question.  First, I don't think blogging is suited for everyone.  It sometimes seems like a good idea in the beginning, but if it's not something you feel driven to do, it can start to feel like work and/or a burden.  With that said blogging is amazing.  You can document your journey and look back upon it later.  You become accountable for what you say you plan to do - no one likes to post they plan to run and then later come back and say they didn't (yes, it happens on occassion, but knowing that readers are seeing what you post will keep you getting those miles in most of the time).  You have an endless community of support, encouragement, and advice.  The blogging community is amazing and supportive and always ready to give input when you have a question.  But most importantly, if you want to blog just be you and be honest.
JenniferLeah asked "What is your best/favorite moment while running/training/racing--you know, one of those times where the angels were singing?" -- My PR half marathon at Rock n Roll Dallas... without a doubt.  The conditions were perfect and the angels sang!!!  Read the race report HERE.
All questioned out again... more coming... and yes, if you missed the opportunity to ask a question and want to ask one now, just leave me a comment!