An Unlikely Run

As I'm sure I've whined about... it's been HOT and DRY.  I think it's been over 2 months since we got rain.  Well this morning, I woke up to head to a group run (yes, despite the fact that I have a race tomorrow), and guess what...

RAIN!  And a lovely 75 degree temp.  I enjoyed every glorious second of that run.  Yes, I did.  (I really must improve my self-photography skills, that angle ages me by at least a decade.)

Tomorrow, I'll be just as wet, but not from rain, from sweating my tail-end off at the Hottest Half.  Tell me again why I choose to run a half marathon in mid-August in Texas?  And I ran it last year, so I definitely should know better.  Just for comparison, last year, the difference between Hottest Half in August and the closest prior half in May was 35 minutes.  EEK.  So this year, I'm hoping to just not wither like my rose bushes (yeah, they're dead).

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