Another Round on the Trails...

Yeah, I had so much fun last time, that it was time to meet up with some buddies and hit the trails again this past Saturday.

Erwin Park trail is 8 miles, so the plan was for 2 loops.  Greg, Fiona, Kristi, Shannon, Sharon, Alicia, Libby, and I all headed out for the first loop.

Goup photo - Alicia, Libby, Me, Shannon, Kristi, Sharon
(Fiona was taking the photo, and Greg was probably done by this point)

The first loop was pretty uneventful.  We kept it slow and steady with lots of laughs in between.  Too many laughs, my abs were getting their workout.  All was well, until the very evil object below...

I'm telling you, when you least expect it, those roots come out of the ground and grab your ankles.  Poor Shannon went down hard.  I think we went through a container of wipes and half our camelbaks trying to clean her wounds, and I think we all gagged a bit when we saw the size of the chunk of skin dangling from one of her hands.  We were only a couple miles out at this point, so we took it very slowly getting back.

When we got back to the car the first time... nurse Kristi used my handy dandy First Aid kit to bandage Shannon's hand. It ended up looking like Shannon had been caught in a forest fire and suffered third degree burns. Classy!

After posing for a token sweaty NTX Runner photo...

(Hmmmmm... so this is why Fiona (center) wouldn't warn me of branches before they hit my head...)

We headed out for loop 2 with only 4 runners - Alicia, Shannon, Libby, and me.  Trail running is a slow process, so by this point, temps were already in the mid-90s and the sun was blazing.  About 2 miles in, we were already dragging rear.  Shannon wasn't feeling so hot so she and Alicia hung back a tad, and Libby and I tried to press on.  We would try to run the hot parts to get out of the sun, and rest when we hit the shade.  About 4 miles in, I ran out of fluids in my camelbak.  Not good.  High 90s, 4 miles to go, and nothing left to drink.  It was a mix between wanting to push to get it done, or slowing down and conserving energy so I didn't get heat exhaustion.  We ended up slowing down.  About 2 miles later, Libby ran out of water.  We got a text from Alicia and Shannon that they decided to cut across one of the fields and they were waiting at the car.

Libby and I were pretty whooped at this point, and what do people do when they're exhausted?  Take photos of course and pretend to look smiley and energetic.
Me with an insanely goofy look
How I really felt... like a train wreck!
We finally finished a full 16 miles and guzzled more fluid than a pregnant elephant.  I still felt dehydrated.  I had easily drank over 100 oz of fluid during the run and after.  When I got home, I figured it might be time to try my first ice bath.  I asked the hubs to get me some ice, and he did... but I do believe he needs some lessons in ice baths.  I go into the bathroom and find this...

How I really felt!!!  (You just got a photo of me with zero make-up, frizzed out hair, after a mind-numbing run while sitting in the middle of a polar ice cap... super sexy!)
So what's a good idea after this hard day?  Why not wake up and meet a friend at 5am to run a trial 10k course and get lost and end up getting in another 8.5 miles instead.  Yes, I'm exhausted.  Yes, I took today off.  And yes, my body hates me right now.  But WORD to a 24.5 mile weekend. 
Shout-out to my nephew, Julian, who just competed in IronKids Oklahoma yesterday and qualified to go to Nationals next month.  Woot!