Crossing the Line

Do you know which line I'm talking about?  The very thin line that is drawn between "Hard Core" and "Dumb".  Let's take a look at some examples...

1.  Swimming for hours without sunblock.

Hard Core or Dumb?
2.  Running 6 miles at 4am (yes, EMZ, Four. Freakin. AM.) this morning when my thermostat still said this at the start:
Hardcore or Dumb?
3.  Who can forget this?
Hardcore or Dumb?
4.  Running AGAIN at 7:30pm when the thermostat said this:  (It's blurry, but it says 107deg.)

Hardcore or Dumb?
I'm willing to cross the line to spend time running with awesome friends.  This morning it was hot and stale, but I got in 6 miles with Amanda and Robin W.  It was a hard run, I won't lie, but I felt great that I had gotten it done and that I'm powering through this summer (something I did not do last year). 
Last night I got to catch up with Libby after her first marathon (which she completely knocked out of the park)... and I got to finally meet Kristi after plenty of time stalking one another's blogs!  The irony is that like a true stalker, I had to chase her down.  Despite the ridiculous temperatures, the route was shaded, there was a nice breeze, and I felt strangely good.  The hoped for 2-3 miles turned into 4.5 which we finished off at a shaved ice stand where I proceeded to get cherry brain freeze for the next 30 minutes.  I enjoyed hanging out with a nice group of runner-buds.  Always a good time with the NTX Runners.
So what have you questioned lately - Hard Core or Dumb?