Did You Take the Pledge?

A couple weeks ago, I got an e-mail from Edible Arrangements asking to spread the word about their new mission to fight obesity by asking people to "Take the Pledge of Healthy and Happiness".  With obesity rates going through the roof, every little step brings us closer to a solution.  I was glad to post about their event!
As you may know, the new USDA food icon is the MyPlate.  If you haven't seen it, check it  out below...
And note the full half plate of fruits and veggies, which falls right in line with this call to action!
When:  THIS WEEK!!!  August 7-13
What:  Pledge to eat half a plate of fruit and veggies daily.
Why:  Healthier lifestyle leads to greater happiness.
Bonus:  You get a free pineapple daisy pop for taking the pledge.
Visit them on Facebook and with a few clicks, you can take the pledge!!!  Join me.
If you're on twitter, let them know you've taken the pledge by tweeting to @DoFruit about the #EAPledge
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