Hi, my name is Lesley, and I'm a Raceaholic

... and a planner.  So here's what's on the plan so far.  And yes, I know I'm borderline insane.

This is only the big hitters, I know I have more to add in, but they will mostly be shorter races.

August 14:  Hottest Half (yes, in record Texas heat)

September 5:  Stonebridge 10k

September 25:  Heels and Hills and Him Half

A favorite of mine that I just don't miss.  This one will be super exciting as 2 of the girls I coach will be making this their first half marathon!  I will also be racing this one, and hoping my legs and mind allow me to PR.
October 1:  Deciding between Vineyard 5k, DRC Loop (15k), and the Clark Gardens Half Marathon
October 9:  Tyler Rose Half
The final race of the Four Seasons challenge put on by Mellew.  Bonus medal after I complete this hilly course.
October 15:  Rib, Rub, and Run 5k or 10k
October 30:  Marine Corps Marathon
Going to my old stomping grounds for this one and planning to run with one of the first marathoners I ever knew (I think this will be his 77th).  This, believe it or not, will be considered a long slow training run in my schedule to prepare for December.  I plan to enjoy the company, the sites, and my old friends!

November 6:  DRC Half
This one promises some cool 35th anniversary bling.  And since it's uber-cheap for the first set of registrants, I kind of hit the button before I thought about it being the week after a marathon.  Oh well, need to keep the miles up anyhow, might as well get bling.

November 13:  Fort Worth Marathon (20-mile option)
I was kind of torn between this and Rock n Roll San Antonio, but my amazing friend Robin D (who paced me to my half marathon PR back in March) is going for her BQ.  I will *not* miss this.  I won't.  I must be there.  So Fort Worth it is.  And of course, brilliant marketing for them is that they offer a 20-mile option since they are 3 weeks out from the biggest marathon in the area - White Rock.  So that's what I'll be doing... the 20-miler.  A couple rocking things about this marathon:
1.  They give belt buckles (do you hear me EMZ?):

2.  The race benefits "Run Like a Cheetah" - a program that develops local after-school run clubs to help battle childhood obesity (are you listening Jason?). 

December 4:  White Rock Marathon
Pretty simple.  I won't miss this marathon if I can help it.  Yes, I realize I'm missing a party in Vegas, but White Rock benefits Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children which has a very very special place in my heart.  You'll be hearing more about this soon enough if you don't already know my connection.  It was also the site of my first relay, my first half marathon, and my first full marathon.  And I'll be going for a full again this year, but hoping to beat that 4:30 that I couldn't quite conquer in San Diego.

December 31/January 1 2012:  New Years Double
Alright, ready for this one?  Cause this is big news...

A secret birdie told me about this new race... offering 4 distance EACH day... 5k, Half Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon.  Yes, you can do any combination of races.  A lot are going for the double halves... some crazies are excited about the double fulls (which makes you an automatic 4 star for Marathon Maniacs).  Really wish I could do the double full, but with the Oct. 30 and Dec. 4 fulls plus a goal half at the end of January, I think I should go easy - so yeah, I'm only going for 39.3.  Bwahahahaha!  Full one day, half one day.  I haven't decided which order yet.  But I will be taking this one very slowly!

By the way, this race will be epic.  It'll be in a great North Texas city.  It has an awesome super secret race director, but I promise you that this person knows how to have a race.  There will be EXTRA bling for doing both days.  And... perhaps, just perhaps, registration might be opening very soon.  Go like their facebook page NOW!  You want to be the first to hear all the info.  It's gonna rock... besides me and pretty much all my local running buddies will be there, which just up's the cool factor.

On the list for the rest of 2012:

January 29:  Austin 3M Half Marathon with the famous Tricia
Totally excited about this one.  I am praying by this point I will be ready to attempt a sub-2... and to help that happen, pretty sure Tricia and I might be dressing super-cute... because it's all in the attitude, ya know.

Late March:  Rock n Roll Dallas
Can't miss this one... it's a PR course in the making.  I PR'd at it last year, and I'm ready to go for it again. 

Last weekend in March:  Texas Independence Relay
I've always wanted to participate in this, but have always missed out.  This time, it will happen!

Late June:  Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon
What can I say... this one is always a party, and again, I'm always green with envy over the fun gatherings.  I'm willing to risk the hills to enjoy some fun times with some of my favorite bloggers.  And I might have a special blogger travelling with me from Texas for this one too.

Late November:  Route 66 Marathon
Another one that I'm hoping to make into a party.  This is hopefully the girls' trip for me and Sherry and we hope to drag along 5, 10, or maybe 20 of our closest friends.  I know there are a few people out there considering making this their first - like Kelly (yes, they have special bling for first-timers).  And I think even Lucy is considering flying in for this one... maybe?  Who else?

And yes, there's a lot more in my mental "plan".  I'm a complete raceaholic and can be talked into almost anything.  I have a problem.

Are you going to join me for any of these races?  Let's make 'em a party!