I Didn't Disappear

I know I said the grumps were gone, and then I promptly disappeared.  But fear not, I didn't really disappear.  That pile of stuff I needed to do that was weighing me down is slowly being widdled away, and I am feeling more and more f...r...e...e...  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I have definitely been getting in my miles as planned.  I did my long run (13) on Sunday.  It was sort of an interesting day because it ended up being a huge group of runners!  It was a ton of fun to see everyone though.  And I was a terrible blogger and took zero photos, although by time there was light outside I looked like a train had not only run over me, but backed over me again to see what it hit.  It wasn't pretty.

I started at 5:15am with my friend Robin.  We were trying a new trail that neither of us knew.  About a quarter mile in we see these beady red eyes.  Yeah, we don't like creatures we can't see... so we both hightailed it out of the park and decided to run the neighborhood until 5:45 when more friends were supposed to meet up.  We ran around the neighborhoods a bit and on our way back missed our turn by one block which put us on a street that didn't cross to where we needed which meant that we were lost in the pitch black dark in an unfamiliar area.  Yeah, I'm a brainiac.  We did eventually find our way back and the sun was starting to come up... thankfully!!!

Then Robin and I met up with friends Denya, Helen, Holly F, Holly C, Bree, and EW even made it out for this one... the first time I've ever run with EW that wasn't a race!  I was glad to have so many familiar faces.  I coach a few of these ladies, so it was really awesome to be out there and see them hit their goal distances and look so strong.  I get crazy proud of these ladies.

But it turns out my demonstration for Sunday was meant to be how no matter how much you run, we all have crappy days.  I had an awful stomachache for every inch of that 13 miles.  I kept going (except 2 times that I just couldn't take a hill and surrendered to a walk break).  And I hit that 13 miles.  But it was not my day at all... and I was completely useless the rest of Sunday.  But that's ok, because I got my miles and got up this morning and was right back at it.

On the plan for tomorrow - some killer speedwork.  I'm naseous thinking about it!!!