Operation No Mile Left Behind

My friend Jen has been struggling a little bit after our marathon high in San Diego.  Without the looming marathon and with her busy work schedule (this woman is a media powerhouse!), time just seemed to become nearly non-existent.  Keyword in that last statement is nearly.

You must read Jen's post HERE.  When I read this post, all I could think was - BRILLIANT.  These are the words so many people need to hear and read.  Lots of people get in a slump and just don't see a way out.  Well, Jen declared "no mile left behind".  The concept is simple... if you only have 20 minutes, you run.  If you only have 10 minutes, you run.  Just because you can't fit in the 8 or 10 miler that you were doing before doesn't mean there's not a benefit to getting out there and grabbing every mile you can... even if it's only 1.  Why isn't your fitness and well-being worth taking advantage of every opportunity?  Instead of blowing off that 15 minutes and saying "I don't have enough time to do much", take that 15 minutes and make it 15 minutes of power and determination.

What a wonderful concept.  I'm convinced that Jen should start a movement with this concept.  So many people that just "don't have the time" right now to move... why not take advantage of every. single. minute?

The results?  Since Jen made this statement... she went from slump to a 9-day running streak.  Some days only a mile.  She might get in 6 one day, but that doesn't make the 1 any less valuable.  Big picture... even if you only ran one mile a day, 365 miles in a year, approximately 36,500 calories burned... that's 10 lbs you fought just by dedicating yourself to taking advantage of every opportunity.  (Don't mistake the purpose of this though, she's not insinuating that you have to go on an everyday streak of running, but just to seize the opportunities you have, no matter how small... because even small steps eventually add up to big dividends.)