The Past and The Future

The Past:
Remember how I said I chicked those two dudes at the end of the race last Sunday at Hottest Half???  Well, one of Mary's friends captured it...

Sorry, dudes.  I just can't contain myself on the final straightaway... ever.  It's a problem, I know!  Anyhow, I rarely get a good photo heading into the finish, so I rather enjoyed this one.

And just in case you questioned the abnormal length of my legs (or as coined by my sports chiro - my ginormous femurs)... I thought I'd offer proof:

The Future:
Next big race is the September Heels and Hills and Him Half Marathon/10k/5k.  I cannot wait for many reasons.  Yes, for me, it'll be a key race, and I always look forward to this race.  It's where Sherry and I first raced together, and despite being very pregnant, she promises to come this year and walk the 10k!!!

But the main piece of excitement, is a lot of my Racing It Off runners will be running this race.  We'll have first half marathons and first 10ks.  Perhaps I have been franticly working behind the scenes trying to get Racing It Off shirts made for all of us.  Craziness, I tell ya.  Can't wait to watch these ladies cross the finish line!!!
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