Who Doesn't Like Mail?

The very awesome Tricia and I have been chatting a lot lately.  Perhaps because we share a coach (Adam) and we like to talk about his teddy bear coaching techniques.  We've also picked a few races that we plan to share here in the near future.  Woot!  But next on her plate is the amazing Hood-to-Coast Relay.  Like many other bloggers (not me!), she will be running on NUUN's all female-blogger relay team. 

I know at times you all think *I'm* crazy, but Tricia picked leg 1 at HTC.  It's 5.6 miles with a 2000 ft drop.  And then of course she has to somehow recover and do 2 more legs.  I suggested she pack her foam roller instead of a sleeping bag.  But pretty sure that wouldn't fit in her suitcase.  I then suggested the Stick, which she had already been considering.  I told her I had one that I didn't really use, and then came up with the idea that we could do a little surprise swap with stuff we already had lying around. 

I ended up cheating a little bit... because I'm evil like that... but you can see her goodies HERE (and you need to click, if only to see a photo of her sweet boy holding the package). 

My box actually arrived first...

Look at all the loot!!!  It was like Christmas.  Loving every bit of it.  Right after I opened the box, the foot massager went under my desk so I could roll while I tweeted (@RacingItOff) to her (@TriciaRunning) about the arrival of the treats. 

Can you see all the goodies?  GU Chomps and Brew (which was a giggle because I sent her the same thing), reuseable bags, Bondi Band (Sweat Like a Man - hilarious!), some awesome shirts (really loving the Nike "There is no finish line" shirt!), electrolytes galore (EFS and NUUN - of course), Yankz laces (really interested to try these), and a couple of books that I cannot wait to dig into (especially Meb's!). 

This was like Runner Wonderland.  I think we might have to put this whole surprise exchange idea into action more often.  I loved getting different goodies!  Of course, seriously, who doesn't love mail???  The best part of the deal... Tricia thinks she got the best package, but I'm pretty sure I did.

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