A Little Bit Of Late Night Randomness

Some random things that I intended to post about, and promptly forgot...

1.  Sara Johnson wrote a great article about coaching, featuring me, in the Dallas Examiner - read it HERE.  Thank you so much Sara!!!  (If you tweet, you can follow Sara on twitter - @realityrunning )

2.  Last Thursday, I decided a girls night was much needed... and I had a BLAST.  We headed to GrapeFest.

Because every good blogger needs a pic in the car on the way!!!

Getting the good times rolling with our first tasting.
With Jenn... this is how big I smile when I finally get out of the house without kids!
Yes, even moms know how to occassionally have a good time!!!
3.  The next morning I took Paige to the zoo with MarathonMaiden (who just recently moved to the area!!!) and my friend Alicia.  No clue why I failed to take a photo of all of us... ok, so maybe because I forgot my camera and was just capturing what I could with my phone.
Mommy and Paige on the Carousel!

What you lookin' at kid?

4.  Completely ready and excited to race my rear off this Sunday at Heels and Hills.  Not to mention I have 5 girls I coach racing... Denya running her 4th half marathon!  Holly F and Holly C running their 1st half marathon!  And Christina and Deanna running their first 10k!  Pluuuuuuus, I have about 20 other frunners (stealing this term from Corina because I *heart* it) that will be there.  If you plan to be there, let me know cause I'm organizing a lunch after!  Yum, yum for post-race nutrition.
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