Books, Books, Books... and "An Accidental Athlete" Review

I'm going to admit it, I'm not a big reader.  I read articles and blogs, but to sit down and read a book is  a real rarity. But like Matt Damon said in Good Will Hunting, "You blew 150k on an education you could have gotten in$1.50 in late fees from the library.”  Exactly, so why wouldn't I accept what is essentially "free education".  There is so much out there on running.  And I feel like the more I read, not only the more I'll learn, but the more I'll be able to discern what I do and don't agree with and be able to adequately reason "why" I feel that way.  So this is my current nightstand of hopes and dreams.  Ha!  It's missing "The Lore of Running" which I also intend to read, but I was afraid my tower might topple if I put that monster in the stack.

Well, Sunday my son was sick, and while my husband took my daughters to church, I stayed home with the sickie.  After my long run Saturday and before my race Monday, I figured my body could use a day of rest.  So I picked up "An Accidental Athlete" by John "The Penguin" Bingham and started in, expecting to only read a couple chapters.
First, if you don't know who John Bingham is, please remove the rock and come into the light!  You can look up to the header of my blog... "First or last... it's the same finish line."  John Bingham is the voice for those of us who will never be at the front of the pack.  If you've been around running for any period of time, you've probably seen a quote of his plastered on something.  So I was thrilled to take a peek into the life of John Bingham.
What this book is *not*:
This is not a "how to" book.  You are not going to get some great insight into how to run better.  You won't learn how to eat right or how to kick bad habits. 
What this book *is*:
The book is John Bingham's personal story.  You will enjoy moments of laughter and of sadness.  But most importantly, everyone will find something in there to relate to.  There will be a moment when you say "yep, that's me."  You will find encouragement and motivation.  And you will finish it with resolve that you can still be active and a competitor even in the middle and back-of-the-pack.
I had only planned to get through a couple chapters on Sunday, but ended up spending 8am-2pm like this:
And yes, I finished the entire book in one sitting.  (Mind you, I am a very slow reader, I bet some of you speed readers could finish this in a flight.)
This is an enjoyable quick read that I laughed at and then laughed more.  Not only do I think you should grab a copy of this book for yourself, but honestly, this book is the perfect gift for that person in your life - you know... the one that thinks they are "too old" or "too big" or "too slow" or whatever to ever take up and eventually enjoy running.  We all have at least one of those people in our lives.  This is the book that says "oh, he went through that too".  John Bingham ate too much, drank too much, and smoked too much.  And he didn't start running until age 43.  We all have our own obstacles, and I think it gives hope to those who don't believe they can.
Note:  This particular book was given to me to review.  I was not otherwise compensated,
and I was not obligated to give a positive review.