Heat, Heat Go Away

As I'm sure you're all tired of hearing, the heat has been brutal and then more brutal and then still brutal.  Severe drought conditions down here.  So when I looked at the 10-day forecast and saw this:

Seriously?  Number that start with 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s?  Oh, happy day.  Is it sad that I'm excited about weather in the 90s?  Well after two months of almost constant 100s, including many weeks where temps were in the 105-112 range and it was 90 degrees even at 5am, this looks like a very welcome relief... especially Monday.  I have the Labor of Love 10k on Monday.  And someone evil (hint - look right) thinks it's time for me to PR.  And that guy has massively selective hearing.  I try to remind him that I set my PR in fabulous 40 degree weather on a totally flat course.  I'll be running a very hilly course and it'll still be much hotter than optimal running temps. (The course is so hilly, that Libby used it to train for the San Fran marathon because the total elevation change for the distance was the same...)  But that dude just doesn't listen.  He *did* promise me that it would count for my Tuesday Torture and I could take Tuesday easy... so maybe he does occassionally wear a halo.  But I will be busting my rear to pound the pavement at super speeds on Monday.  I highly anticipate puking (and I have a very strong stomach).  I already warned my friends that are giving me a ride and running the 5k, that I will likely be a very moody witch when I finish... for at least 30 minutes, and then I'll whine and complain the whole way home.  Yep, that's the intent... but I *will* PR, and I'll make Adam hide his tail and horns for at least a day.
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