Fair Day!

Ok, I'll admit it... We didn't really spend Fair Day at the fair. Here in the Dallas area, the kids get a day off and a student ticket to attend the State Fair of Texas. Today was that day. First, I enjoyed sleeping until just past 7, a rare luxury. I'll admit it, I'm not a huge fan of the fair. None of the fried salsa, fried butter, fried snickers, fried fritos pie, etc appeals to me - at all. And trying to keep track of 3 kids in the enormous mass of people usually just leaves me frustrated, not smiling.
So instead, despite the kids begging, I opted to take the kids to the park.
Yeah! They were plenty happy with that decision, and we spent two hours just enjoying a nice healthy dose of Vitamin D with some exercise... Which may or may not have been all erased by a root beer float stop on the way home!!!
After arriving home, Paige asked to take a nap with me... Who can turn that down? Yeah for relaxed, restful days.
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