If I Knew Then...

If I knew then, what I know now...

I would laugh so hard that I'd have trouble pulling myself off the ground!
Let me describe some things about myself "back then":
- I was a nerd.  I liked math.  I liked science.  I did really well at them.
- I was in the band.  Concert band - tenor saxophone.  Marching Band - captain of the colorguard.
- The only time I used the word "Athletic" was when I was spelling it in the spelling bee.
- I did not like children.  Rarely babysat, and when I did, I usually put them to bed way before bedtime so I didn't have to deal with it.  Had zero desire to ever have a family.
If you would've taken the words I use to describe myself today... There is no way I would've believed you.  Not even remotely.
- Wife
- Mother
- Marathoner
- Coach
First, the thought that I would ever give up a great career to not only have children, but to be with them 24-7, would've definitely astonished me.  In fact, I recall fighting with Peter about the whole concept of being a stay-at-home mom back when we were dating.

Secondly, to believe that I would ever do anything more athletic than spend some time at the gym to keep my weight in check would be ludicrous.  I was always a klutz.  I didn't like to sweat or get dirty. Athletics were not my thing.
Lastly, to not only be athletic, but to actually get to a point where I'm certified to coach others to become distance runners... wow.

Honestly, never would have imagined.  And there are times when I sit here... and I see my children and then I exchange e-mails with the girls I coach, and I'm just bursting with excitement for them and their accomplishments, and I just think - how could I have not known?  How could I have spent so much time doing other things when clearly this is what I am meant to do?  Maybe it was so that I could really appreciate it... I don't know.  Whatever the plan, I'm glad that I am here now.
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