My New Tagline

I have to share this, because it cracked me up...

It's no secret, I like to race...

Not only do I like to race... but I like to have as many friend (frunners) with me as possible.

If you ask the girls I coach, I never say "no" if they want to put a race on the schedule... I just find a smart way to help them safely use it towards their goals.

Especially when I travel, I like to convince others to come with me.

My recent adventures have included convincing people to come to this area for the New Years Double, to travel across the country with me to Rock n Roll Seattle next June, to road trip with me to Route 66 in Tulsa next November, and another race which I'm keeping under wraps for now.  Not to mention the long list of smaller races that I beg people to join me for.  What can I say.  I love the vibe of a race, and it's even more thrilling with other peeps around to enjoy it with.

Anyhow... my "bad" influence was being discussed on Twitter.  Tricia (@TriciaRunning) mentioned my bad influence, and Libby (@LibbyRuns) jumped in that my bad influence was also counteracted by my ability to give a swift kick in the rear on occassion as well.  Pretty sure @UnlikelyRunners jumped in on the action here too.  (See what you're missing if you aren't on Twitter.) 

How it all ended up was Tricia summing me up into one thought:

"Terrible for the wallet, Wonderful for the booty!"

Libby declared it my new tagline.  I think it just might stick.  I was quite literally curled over laughing at this. 

(Hop on over and congratulate Libby on reaching Marathon Maniac status - she ran her first 3 marathons in a 70 day period!!!)