Note to Self...

Dear Self:

You may have run 9 miles including Yasso 800s on Friday, then 21 miles on Saturday, but on Monday when you ran that 10 miles, you knew something was "off".  You were a good girl and headed to your A.R.T. appointment.  Dr. Magic Hands worked you over, and it HURT.  Do you hear your body *now*?  Yes?  Good.

Thank you for taking 3 days off from running.  I know you wanted to run badly, but you listened to me, and you took Tuesday-Thursday off.

Despite your concerns...
- You did not die without running.
- You did not lose all capability to crank out the miles.
- You did not gain any weight.
- Your body *did* heal, it was not a waste of time.
- Your head is still on straight.
- The road and the treadmill are right where you left them 3 days ago.

Thank you for listening to your body and doing the right thing.  Your reward was an awesome, effortless 5 mile run today to let you know that I have given you the "all clear" to race your rear off at tomorrow's 10k.  Go get 'em.


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