Random Weekend Tidbits

I decided my hair was slowing me down... the ponytail just had way too much wind resistance.  (OK, truth is, I was sick of losing chunks of hair from keeping my hair in a ponytail all.the.time. because I'm way too lazy to wash it and fix it after a run.)

So on Friday, I had about 8-10" of hair whacked off...

Then today after I shopped for my veggie co-op...

(Go ahead and drool... pumpkin, zucchini, kale, apples, oranges, kiwi, limes, carrots, potatoes, and green beans... all fresh from the farmer's market.)

The girls decided that my new haircut wasn't cute enough and wanted me to have an up-do... and so I was subjected to this:

Oh dear...

As for tomorrow... HUGE race day. 

The amazing Tricia will be at See Jane Run.

Awesome friends Libby, Amandax2, and Dana, along with blogger-friends Angie (first full!!!), Junie, Wifey, and Cely (first full!!!) will be out there smoking the Chicago Marathon.

And *I* will be at the Tyler Rose Marathon/Half pacing one of my favorite people, Emily, along with Corina (who am I kidding, "pacing" is just an excuse to spend more time with these people).  And I should be seeing a slew of awesome friends on the course - Robin D (doing the full!!!  cause she's awesome like that), Robin W, Elaine, EW, Dana, Michelle, Erik, Al, Marcie, and Mary.  And then Racing It Off runners Holly F and Holly C will be out there chillin' their way through half marathon #2... only 2 weeks after their first half... because that's how these girls roll!

I'm 100% positive I have forgotten someone... I should know better than to list names... but I can't wait to cheer all these peeps on!!!

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