What I'm Taking With Me...

My boarding pass is printed.  My alarm is set for 3am.  Ready to head out for marathon 3 - Marine Corps Marathon.  No goals this time around -- fun, supported training run on my way to my goal race in 5 weeks.

So I bet you want to know what I'm taking with me...

These amazing faces:

(yes, she got all her hair cut off so she could be like sissy and mommy)

The Racing It Off Team:

They are my inspiration... so I'll be wearing my Racing It Off shirt and thinking of them each step.

My frunners:

My favorite bloggers:

Not only was the awesome Tricia on the pages of Women's Health this month, but she was wearing a camo skirt/capri from RunningSkirts (yes, they changed it to black in the published magazine, but it *is* a camo skirt).  That exact skirt will be on my rear this Sunday.  Tricia will be running this with me in spirit.  And yes, I plan to wash it before I send it back to her!
I also have plans to see Katye at the expo Friday, meet TMB for lunch Saturday, and hopefully see Steph on Sunday.  Also hoping to see a couple more bloggers along the course.

And *you* - my readers, who have left so many great, motivating comments.  Thank you!

You ready to go 26.2?  I am!
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