Round 1 - Fundraiser Giveaway Winners

Have you checked out my fundraiser for White Rock Marathon and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children???  I have a HUGE GIVEAWAY going on, and right now, your chances of getting a prize are pretty spectacular.  I'll be picking FOUR winners every Friday (yes, I know it's Saturday, I'm a smidge delayed cause I had to pick up the hubs from the airport).

This fundraiser is really important to me as a way to give back for the amazing job the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital did with my youngest daughter, Paige.  Every time I see her run, I think of the doctors and therapists that gave her this gift.

The first week's winners are...
1. Precious
2. Amanda Thompson
3. Emily T
4. Linz from

Ladies, please EMAIL ME with your prize choice (other than Precious, please e-mail me a second choice as well just in case your first choice is taken).  The prizes are in the original post HERE.

Please consider making a donation HERE.  And if you'd like to be entered for some prizes, just leave me a comment ON THIS POST letting me know you donated!!!  It's that easy. 

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