Round 2 - Fundraiser Giveaway Winners

Have you checked out my fundraiser for White Rock Marathon and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children??? I have a HUGE GIVEAWAY going on, and even with 8 winners already, I have at least 8 more to go!!!  I'll be picking FOUR winners every Friday until I'm out of prizes.

This fundraiser is really important to me as a way to give back for the amazing job the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital did with my youngest daughter, Paige. Every time I see her run, I think of the doctors and therapists that gave her this gift. (And yes, you get to hear me repeat myself and gush about it for 2 1/2 more weeks.  I only do it once a year, and it's a really great cause.)
The second week's winners are...

1. Suz and Allen

2. Jen - From Fat to Finish Line

3. Samantha G.

4. Jenn Baker

Ladies, please EMAIL ME with your first and second choice prize. The prizes are in the original post HERE.

Please consider making a donation HERE. And if you'd like to be entered for some prizes, just leave me a comment ON THIS POST letting me know you donated!!! It's that easy.  I still have a long way to go to reach my goal, so I appreciate each and every donation.