Three Things Thursday

1.  Today I ran probably one of the hardest interval workouts that I have ever run.  I've done Yasso 800s before, and because of the distance they entail, they are an incredibly hard workout.  But today I had 4x1200m intervals, which sounds pretty standard and nothing too exciting and way easier than 10x800s.  But my coach thinks I'm faster than I think I am, and he had me run those 4 intervals at a pace faster than my fastest recorded mile.  I've never run a mile faster than 8:33 (FYI, I've also never officially done a magic mile, that record was set at the beginning of a 10k).  But today, I needed to go 8:15 for 1200m (0.75mi) and repeat that 4x.  I thought I was going to die.  But I didn't.  So of course now Adam has his chest all puffed with his "I told you so" grin.  When will I learn?

2.  Tomorrow... the big kiddos both have Thanksgiving meals at school, and then a week off.  The term "off" is subjective.  They might be "off" from school, but it is definitely not a week "off" for me.  I guarantee they are still full throttle by 6:30am every. single. day. 

3.  I have two giveaways going on, what are you waiting for... first I have a Glitzbandz Giveaway and secondly, I have my HUGE fundraiser for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital that helped my baby girl.  Without them, she wouldn't be able to walk or run.  Tons of great prizes, and I pick 4 more winners tomorrow... and every Friday after until the prizes are gone.  Please consider donating!!! 

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