Three Things Thursday

I'm hopping on the three things Thursday blogger train today.

1.  Biggest Loser Marathon - Everyone else is talking about it, so it's my turn.  I'm not going to argue whether it's right or wrong.  There's a whole slew of opinions on that.  Actually what bothers me about the Biggest Loser Marathon is that the winner makes it into the finals.  Sounds odd that it would bother me... but as a girl who trains her rear off and still finds herself struggling to be in the middle-of-the-pack... it bothers me that just because someone can run the marathon faster, they get into the finale.  This bothers me because while a marathon is an awesome test of endurance, speed is not necessarily an indicator of fitness.  I know plenty of people that have run sub-4 marathons injured or under-trained... and likewise, I know people who have worked their rear off and struggle to hit a 6 hr. marathon.  We all know that while you can improve your pace, a good portion of it is just good genes (not to mention most men naturally run faster).  It just bothers me to use a marathon as a competition for the finale.

2.  Treadmill Games - So today I was at the gym with a light 5 mile run on the schedule.  None of my buddies were there - Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be lonely.  I dare say I was even a little bored, so I decided to play my favorite treadmill game - Outrun Everyone.  I assessed how many people were on the treadmill, and I was off!  Only a couple miles in, I had lost a few competitors.  When I hit about 4 miles, I was down to 6 people.  I was bordering my needed 5 miles and these people weren't giving up easily.  When I hit the goal 5 miles, I still had 4 people left.  One of them was a young girl on the phone while running, and across the way were 3 dudes - 2 walking, 1 at a steady-paced run.  Around 5.5, the girl was off the tread and headed downstairs.  And at mile 6, the runner dude was done.  So here I am, already a mile over my plan, and I'm pitted against two dudes that look like they could walk all day long.  But soon after, one stops, towels off, and heads downstairs.  Score, one left... but that dude was on a steep incline, and I thought he was gonna walk all day.  Finally he gave in at mile 7.5.  Shew.  I finished out the 8 miles and called it a day.  And that's how I ended up running 3 extra miles.  Competition is quite distracting!

3.  Shout-outs - Danger, danger... I have a lot of shout-outs to give, but I know I'll forget someone, so please please forgive me in advance!!!

Rock 'n Roll Savannah Marathon - My fav coach Adam, one of my good long-run buddies Shannon, the amazing Lucy (one of the Racing It Off runners) who has been working her rear off, SkinnyRunner (the first running blog I ever read), and Wifey!

NYC Marathon - The awesome Tonia and Katye running for Team Grassroots Soccer, the huge team going from Rockwall Running Club, the unbelievable Erin, and SkinnyRunner (yes, she's doing Savannah on Saturday and NYC on Sunday - crazy!)

Rocky Raccoon 50k - Some of my favorite frunners - Libby, Alicia, Fiona, and Corina

Rex Healthcare Half Marathon in Raleigh - My buddy, Elaine (whom I will miss sharing a ride with to the DRC Half!)
DRC Half - Tons of people doing this one... Jason, Karen, Shannon P, Michelle, and then a huge group of Racing It Off runners - Holly C, Holly F, Monica (who I'll be pacing to a new PR!), Denya, Deanna (first half marathon!!!!!!), and Christina (first half marathon!!!!!!).

Wishing a great race for everyone!  Trust your training, and go get it!!!

And one last shout out to my awesome race buddy, Sherry!!!  She finally welcomed her first child, Aubrey Sue on Nov 2, 2011.  Congratulations Sherry, I'm so excited for your new family!

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