White Rock - Running with a Purpose + Giveaway!

Tons of buddies will be heading to Rock n Roll Vegas this year, but not me.  I refuse to give up Dallas White Rock Marathon.  In 1999, I ran the marathon as part of a 5-person relay team.  In 2009, I came back to run it as my first half marathon, and in 2010, I ran it as my first full marathon.  It would appear I had covered the distance every way possible, what more could I want from this race?

In April of 2008, I gave birth to my third child, Paige.  I've recounted the story here before, but my first comment when she was born was "What's wrong with her foot?"  Everyone assured me it was nothing, but alas, it wasn't nothing.  Paige was born with what is commonly known as clubfoot on her left side.

There's a more detailed version of the story HERE, but long story short - Paige received full treatment at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children at no cost.  We went with a less traditional method of correction using massage therapy techniques, which eventually I performed mostly on my own 8-10 times a day.  Within 5 weeks (yes, you read that right), she was fully corrected without any surgery.  But the therapy continued for the entire first 2 years of her life.

This amazing little girl runs like lightening, and regularly puts in 0.5 mile runs on the treadmill or the track at age 3.  That would not be possible without Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.
For those of you not local, I'm sure you're wondering how this relates to White Rock Marathon.  Well, in 2009, I commited to run the half marathon as a means to fundraise for TSRHC.  Yes, I was already running, but had never even considered a half marathon.  Running was more of a cardio-fitness of choice to help me lose/maintain my weight.  Obviously what happened after that half marathon was more than I bargained for.  But once a year, every year, it is important to me to return to my distance running roots and to remember that without TSRHC, Paige would not be able to run.  It is my honor and privelege to run in an effort to help raise money for them.
I think you know where all this is going, right?  Yes, I want you to understand how important this hospital is to me.  Yes, I want you to open your heart and your wallet, and consider making a donation of any amount to MY FUNDRAISING for TSRHC.  And this year, I've had some very awesome companies throw their support towards my fundraising efforts (and some of these things I just happened to have in my box of goodies).  So this year, I'm delighted to share a raffle with my blog followers.
Here are the rules - super simple:
- Make a donation HERE.
- For every $5 you donate - you receive ONE entry.
- If you donate $25 or more - you will receive FIVE bonus entries. (5 for each $5 + 5 bonus = 10)
- If you donate $50 or more - you will receive TEN bonus entries. (10 for each $5 + 10 bonus = 20)
- Donations made before I started the raffle do count!
- Please leave me ONE comment saying you donated.
- Make sure I can figure out who you are when I look at the donation page.
- I will announce 4 winners every Friday, and they can pick a prize in the order chosen.  You must contact ME when you are chosen before the next week, or I will chose a new winner.  (Make sure you are a follower so you'll see the post!)
The awesome prizes:
1.  Black CEP Compression Socks - Women's Size III - WON! Jenn B
2.  Running Chics Hoodie - Your choice of size/color  - WON! Amanda T
3.  Black CEP Compression Shorts - Women's Size III - WON! Precious C
4.  "Racing Weight" by Matt Fitzgerald
5.  iFitness Ultimate I Race Belt (Purple) - WON! Jen R
6.  iFitness Single Pouch Race Belt (Yellow)
7.  Drymax Socks - Size Small (Women's 5-7, Men's 3.5-5.5) - WON! Julie S.
8.  Brooks Equilibrium Shorts - Women's Medium - WON! Samantha G.

9.  Bondi Band - Run Like a Mother - WON! Jill
10.  GoLite Running Tights/Pants - Women's Medium - WON! Suz W
11.  Hydrapak Gel-Bot and Road ID Visor
12.  Road ID of choice and a Road ID Hat - WON! Giraffy
13.  GU Sampler Pack - WON! Monica
14.  $100 Gift Card to Mary Kay !!!  - WON! Emily T.
15.  One Free Month of Racing It Off Coaching - WON!  Linz
16.  Racing It Off Shirt - Limited size choices - White Tank in L or XL (they run a size big) OR Pink Tee in L or XL (run pretty true to size)
Ready to donate now?  Click HERE.
Thank you so much to all the amazing companies that made this possible!  Please consider clicking the company links and showing these companies your support.